what we've been up to

hi friends!  it’s been a while since we’ve posted here.  ha!  an understatement at best.  but here’s what i’ve been up to if you’d like to see..


william jude lehr was born last september.  wonderful. beautiful. perfect.  kent and i were so happy and so, so proud.  those emotions could move mountains.  this sweet boy was ours.  what a gift!



i had nine months to prepare for this moment when i became a mom.  the moment when our son entered this world, and my career and store (which i cared for as if it were a child) had to co-exist.  i made plans and processes and schedules.  i knew how this was all going to work.  it was going to go exactly as i typed out on my computer.  but as you know if you are parent, things don’t always go as planned. slowly, things started to fall into place, and i rediscovered that creativity and passion that had been pushed aside for a while.  as jude approaches 11 months, we’ve found a pretty good routine, one i keep refining and rethinking.  i’m sure that’s true for all parents.  and just as our routine changes quickly, so does he.  i am holding on hard to all these special moments with him, and looking forward to what’s to come.



it’s been a wild but good year for pink too. we welcomed our new retail manager, delaney, back in august.  hailing from kansas city and a graduate of iowa state, delaney has been running the day to day operations while i’ve been working from home, loving on baby jude.  she’s been such a delight and infused a whole new level of excitement into the shop.  all those beautiful insta photos on our feed, those perfectly styled displays and that smile from behind the counter?  all hers.  i am grateful for her positive attitude, hard work and knowledge of the coolest new spots in des moines.  stop in and say hello!



as always, i appreciate your continued support of pink and for sticking with me.  it means more that i can ever express in words.  especially now.  and we’re back…on the blog streaming regular content for our followers.  we look forward to showing you what we have up our sleeve for the last half of 2017, and we hope to see you soon!


xo - stacey



stacey gibbs