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Pink Print Company has a hostess gift for you.

Why is it a nice idea to consider a hostess gift when attending a party?

Because entertaining is an art. There are lots of reasons to gather a group together. Often to celebrate a special occasion: a birthday, a house warming, a football game, an anniversary, or a holiday. At other times, it may be the simple desire to spend time with friends and family. 

As a host of any gathering, there are many layers and considerations that go into getting a group together. A host will think through every detail of their guests' experience in order to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. 

While the menu, the cocktails, the occasion, and the venue all play important roles in the planning for a successful gathering, it’s connecting the guests to each other that can create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. The host has the opportunity to bring people together who might otherwise not cross paths. 

When the layers connect and the guests feel welcome and comfortable, and then the fun begins. It’s the host that works to make it all happen.

So therein lies the reason for taking a moment to consider a gift for your host. It’s a great way to show your appreciation for the thoughtful preparation that has gone into creating something special for you to enjoy.

Come visit us at Pink Print Company when you need a small gift in hand to walk through your host's door. We have lots of ideas, and when we need guidance, we turn to our local etiquette expert, Lauren M.G. Burt. If you’re looking for more advice on etiquette and modern day manners, you may reach her at