the art of the thank you note


Ever wondered how to write a thank you note? What to say, how to say it and frankly, where to begin? We break it down below, step-by-step.



    Create personalized stationery you love or buy thank you notes that reflect your style.

    Maybe you love a monogrammed thank you note or enjoy something with florals and lined envelopes. Choose a style that you love. It will be more fun to send. 


    Get in the mindset of gratitude.

Cozy up in a coffee shop or at your home-office desk. Grab a writing instrument you love using that’s comfortable and fun to write with. 


    Greet the gift-giver. There’s a variety of ways to say “hey!” but choose what suits you best or how you’d talk face-to-face. 


dear jane,

miss jane,


    Name the gift. The brand. The type of gift. Was an act of service? An experience?  

We loved the kitchen aid you gave us for our wedding! Bright pink, even?! My favorite color.

    Thank you for giving up your entire Saturday to help us move into our new apartment! 

    Wow, we can’t believe you bought us tickets to see The Eagles in concert! 

NO. 5

    Reflect on how you’ll use the gift or what it will bring to you. Will it make your life easier? Will you find extra joy? Simplicity? Is it something you’d never buy yourself?

We will be able make so many cookies this winter for our friends and family. We have an annual cookie exchange we participate in, and it will make it so much easier to create 12 dozen cookies.

    You freed us up from several hours of moving boxes, and now we can take some time to relax on sunday! 

NO. 6

    Share your heart of gratitude for the gift-giver themselves. What do you notice when you’re around them? Do they always listen intently? Do they always show up for you? Do they make your life 10x more enjoyable when you’re around them?  Remember the gift that is given is extremely thoughtful, but it is a means of showing love and appreciation!     

    You always show up to celebrate others, you are so joyful and pay attention to the smallest details. We are so grateful to have a friend like you! 

NO. 7

    End with a well-wish or returning the favor.

    We’ll have to bring you a batch of fresh cookies this month! 

    If we can ever return the favor, we’re a call away! 

    Wishing you the best holiday season filled with laughter and time with family.

NO. 8

    Sign-off with an appropriate farewell! 



    All my love

    You truly are the best,

   And most importantly...

just send the note. No matter what you say or how you say it. It's the act of gratitude that counts. 




stacey gibbs