all the pretty smells

every morning, we open the shop, turn on the lights and light a candle. it's routine, of course, but we also want the smell of the shop to compliment the shopping experience. the last few months, we searched high and low to find new scents to put on our shelves. ones we love and want in the shop and in our homes. that's why we are excited to introduce - maison louis marie and the milo house - to pink! these two brands passed our rigorous smell and packaging test (they have to look just as beautiful as they smell, right?!) there is a scent for every style, come take a peek. 

and p.s. they make a great hostess gift!


1. Cabin – The Milo House

2.  No. 9 Valley de Farney – Maison Louis Marie

3. Cassis  – Maison Louis Marie

4. No. 4 Bois de Balincourt – Maison Louis Marie

5. Mountain – The Milo House

stacey gibbs