dear friday

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a few fun things for your friday…

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1.    #dailydoseofpaper

every morning as i’m laying bed, procrastinating the start to the day, i take a leisurely scroll through my insta feed. in between all the cute babies and vintage rugs (i’m obsessed!) and pretty homes, i check in with the tag #dailydoseofpaper hashtag. It’s always brimming with inspiration and eye candy, and new stationery lines and products. take a peek if you ever need a dose of good design. this was one of the cards that caught my eye this week…ha! food puns. :) bravo!


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2.    winter stamps.

i mean, the sweetest. i impulsively ordered 200 of them. how cute will they be for holiday mailings? talk about the star of the envelope, gah! the snowy day is one of my favorite books from my childhood. i still have my copy and am excited to share it with jude someday soon.


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3.    fall is here! 

after a somewhat delayed start, the season i wait for all year has finally rolled in, and i couldn’t be happier! i love the crisp air, the change in leaves, the football on tv, the coffee at any time of the day and a cozy fall uniform. after a jam packed summer, it’s feels nice to settle in to a different routine. we are preparing for a bustling holiday season, and savoring these october days to organize and prepare. excited to share with you what we have in store!

have a great weekend...

xx - stacey


stacey gibbs